T-Rock Express

Dark fiber new construction is equipped with an integrated OTDR system, and lit services of Spectrum and 400G waves available now from Tulsa to Memphis through Little Rock.​

Reveal More, Manage Confidently

Real-time access to multi-layer network intelligence and health data delivered through our intuitive iConnect user interface.

Beach Route

Connect to both the Jacksonville and new Myrtle Beach cable landing stations on a unique route from Raleigh to Jacksonville through Savannah.​

Going Beyond the Next Gen

Introducing the industry’s first Regional 400G, powered by ZR+

The Meaning of Fast & Flexible

Windstream Wholesale is streamlined to eliminate waste and red tape and to minimize the distance between decision and action.

Technology Leadership

Staying on the leading edge of network technology in a preactical, customer-driven way is a core value for Windstream.

Network Expansion

It's about more than the size of our footprint. We stitch together the right data centers, PoPs, landing stations and more to keep you connected.

Flexible Partnership

We achieve more for our customers when we collaborate and partner with others at the top of their fields.

Introducing the industry’s first Regional 400G, powered by ZR+

“We’ve been in the business of 400G for a while now and have had time to harden our processes and systems… that amount of experience and gained expertise is really what sets us apart.”

Joe Scattareggia, CRO
Windstream Wholesale


  • Wavelengths
  • Dark Fiber
  • Managed Spectrum
  • IP Transit
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Colocation
  • Ethernet Access


Perfect for carriers, hyperscalers and global organizations needing ultra-low latency with high reliability and route diversity to connect key points of presence in your network.

Dark Fiber

Want to manage your own private network without the construction cost of connecting your locations? Windstream Dark Fiber gets you there.

Managed Spectrum

When you don’t have the resources to construct and manage your own network fiber, Windstream Managed Spectrum is a viable alternative to meeting massive capacity needs in a private connection between locations.

IP Transit

Our IP transit (DIA PoP) service gives carriers, regional ISPs, electric co-ops, and data centers high-capacity connections to Tier 1 providers and CDNs, enabling low-latency internet access to their downstream customers.

Dedicated Internet Access

We offer dedicated internet access (DIA Prem) for carriers and resellers, providing internet service to end user locations in over 16,000 lit and over 400,000 prequalified fixed wireless buildings, plus our carrier partner networks.


You don’t have to source your own colocation space when working with Windstream. Our operations team supports customers of strategic products like Dark Fiber, Waves, or Managed Spectrum through a nationwide network of colo facilities.

Ethernet Access

Select the Ethernet architecture that is right for you (E-Line, E-Access) across our nationwide MPLS network. Carriers with their own Layer 3 products find Ethernet an economical way to fill gaps in their own network.

Route Miles
Cities Served
Lit Buildings

Explore Our Network

Windstream is continually looking for ways to grow and expand our network. Explore our ever-expending footprint through our interactive map or download the KMZ for the relevant network view.

Windstream Wholesale lives by the mantra “make it happen for the customer”. When we say fast, we mean driving completion to achieve the business outcomes you are seeking. When we say flexible, we’re embodying a culture of creativity at the core of how we work with you.